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Our Stylish Travel Experts are STG’s regular writers, here to provide you with a constant stream of the best tips for traveling in style. These ladies are experienced travelers, and they’re writing from all around the world to share their packing advice, globetrotting gear reviews, and strategies for savvy and stylish travel. Interested in applying to be an expert? Hit us up on our hiring page.

Anna Ge

Anna Ge

Home: Southern California
Travel Style: full-time travel
Anna’s Blog: Slightly Astray
Follow: Facebook / Bloglovin

Anna worked as a construction manager in Los Angeles… until her life got flipped upside down when she met a boy with big dreams to travel the world. She’s since shed the hardhat and now can be found gobbling down strange street food, taking too many pictures, and squealing at anything furry. On her blog, she writes about her favorite travel memories, love, food, and making sense of life as a new full-time traveler.

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Guest Contributors

These adventurous and insightful travel writers have shared their travel experiences and advice with our community. Interested in being a guest contributor? Visit our contribute page.

Autumn Kern

Autumn Kern, Stylish Travel Girl contributor

Home: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Autumn’s Blog: Chasing Autumn
Follow: Facebook / Instagram

Autumn is an international wedding photographer and current graduate student with a knack for using both to travel the world. She enjoys roaming the streets of new cities, eating vegetables, and hoping people show up late so she can continue with the book(s) in her bag. Her favorite place to be is sipping a cappuccino across from her handsome husband in any place that isn’t home. Although, she likes home, too.

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Ashlea Wheeler

Ashlea Wheeler

Home: Australia
Ashlea’s Blog: A Globe Well Travelled
Follow: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Ashlea is a colorfully-clothed and excitable vegetarian who loves photography, cooking, and exploring the world. Currently blogging from Sydney, Australia, she lives a minimalist lifestyle and spends the majority of her modest income on whatever trip she’s planning next. Follow Ashlea’s travels at aglobewelltravelled.com.

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Alex Schnee

Alex Schnee

Home: USA
Alex’s Blog: Alex Inks It
Follow: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Alex currently spends her days traveling the world and drinking too much coffee. She rocks Italian karaoke and has eaten fermented shark in Iceland — she would not recommend it.

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Cindy Esquivias


Home: San Francisco, USA
Cindy’s Blog: Thuper Thindy Rocks
Follow: Instagram

From LA to the East Bay, Cindy has been a professional college student for nearly 10 years. During this time, she has traveled extensively within the U.S. and abroad. She never travels without her running shoes, and feels that a nice long run is the best way to get to know a place. Her very Mexican mother tells her she needs to “sit down,” but she is just too young and adventurous to do that just yet. She lives by the words of the brilliant Gloria Anzaldúa: ‘I am turtle, wherever I go I carry “home” on my back.’

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Hayley Swinson

Hayley Swinson of Savvy Girl Travel

Home: USA
Hayley’s Blog: Savvy Girl Travel
Follow: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest

Hayley is a serial expat with a penchant for odd occupations. She has done everything from house-painting to costuming for film to freelance writing and has lived a year in Montreal, Canada and 18 months in Edinburgh, UK. She has an MSc in Creative Writing (fiction) and speaks French…passably. Currently she’s considering more degrees, more film work, and whatever else may come her way. Follow her on Savvy Girl Travel.

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Maya Lindemann

Maya Lindemann

Home: USA

An Indonesian born German-American, Maya has been globe trotting her whole life. Now a Head Start Nurse in Santa Monica, she gets her exploring on during the school breaks and summers and particularly loves spending time in the great outdoors.

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Mindy Morris

Mindy Morris, creator of Walking Through Wonderland travel blog

Home: Okinawa, Japan
Mindy’s Blog: Walking Through Wonderland
Follow: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Mindy is an avid traveler turned military wife, who after 3 years on the move has finally made a home in Okinawa, Japan. She blogs about her travels, DIY projects, and newlywed nesting on her blog: walkingthroughwonderland.

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