Tried and Tested Tips for Packing Lightly from a Minimalist Traveler on

Tried and Tested Tips for Packing Lightly from a Minimalist Traveler

On every domestic and international trip, I used to pack a large suitcase with a pair of underwear and different outfit for every day that I was going to be away, and left room for shopping trips to buy even more clothes and souvenirs. On the journey home my bag would only just squeeze under the luggage weight limit, and I would take forever to unpack and wash everything once I’d arrived back. While this method suits some people just fine, I’ve since realized that it makes travel a whole lot harder when you’re lugging around a bunch of ‘stuff.’ 

On my most recent trip to Bali, my partner Robert and I took a carry on bag that fit clothing, toiletries, and appliances for TWO people!

I sometimes check in luggage depending on the type of bag I’m taking and how long I’m going for, but the majority of the time a carry on bag is way better than check-in luggage. Here’s why:

  • If you’ve booked with a budget airline, check-in luggage is often a paid extra. You can get around these fees with a carry on.
  • Lining up at the airport to check-in luggage is often a long and painful process. I’ve been in that check-in line for over 45 minutes before, and by the time I left the counter I had to run to the boarding gate.
  • Once you arrive, you have to wait for your bag to be unloaded. This can also take a ridiculously long time.
  • If you are traveling to a place with uneven roads/footpaths or staying in hostels that don’t have elevators, you’re going to seriously regret lugging around a large suitcase.

Convinced that a carry on bag is the way to go? Great! There are a few essential things you need to know before you start packing. Here are my methods for fitting a week of items in a carry on bag.




  • Pack only items that match more than one other item. There’s no point taking a t-shirt that you’ll only wear once because it only goes with one pair of shorts. You can wear everything twice!
  • Take an elastic clothes line and a small amount of washing powder (see my post on 6 essential items every budget traveller should have). This will take up very little room, and means you can halve the amount of clothing you take as you can wash after a few days.
  • Ladies – please consider whether those heels that you may only wear once are actually worth bringing along. Take 2 pairs of shoes maximum, sneakers and sandals. No arguments.
  • Pack your bag with the chunkiest items (such as shoes) first, then roll each clothing item and stack neatly. This will take up less room and makes it easier to remove items without the need to unpack your entire bag. Pack toiletries on top as you’ll likely need to access them first.




  • Never take more than you need! Almost all large bottles of liquids you have (shampoo, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc) can be moved into travel sized squeezable bottles. I purchased the above set of 4 bottles with labels for $4 from my local pharmacy. Keep in mind aviation laws in many countries allow only a maximum of 100ml if you’re taking liquids carry on, so each bottle will need to be smaller than this. See this Independent Traveller Airport Security Q&A for more info.
  • For items that can’t be repackaged into smaller bottles such as deodorant and hairspray, you’ll find they are usually available to purchase in smaller travel sized bottles. Yes, I know the value for money isn’t very good, but it will take up much less space in your bag.
  • Don’t take an entire container of medications when you’ll only need a few! Extract the exact amount of pills you’ll require and place them in a click zip bag for safekeeping.




  • I’m a huge fan of reading books while traveling, but physical copies take up so much space and will quickly have you exceed your luggage weight limit. Purchasing an E-reader (I use the Amazon Kindle) will allow you to load multiple books and just download a new one when you’ve finished what you’re reading.
  • I know, I know – taking hair appliances can be a waste of space, but I like to look good in my travel photos! Don’t judge me. In 2012 I invested in a GHD, which was expensive but super good quality, and it means I now have a hair curler and straightener in one. And if you’re going to take a hairdryer, I highly recommend getting one in a travel size! I use the VS Sassoon MiniPro travel hairdryer.
  • Chargers can be an absolute mess when you have to take a different cord for each of your devices. If you can, get USB chargers so that you can use either your laptop USB ports, or take one USB wall plug. Another option is to have multiple devices that use the same charger – for example my Kindle, HTC phone, and portable speaker all accept a mini USB cable so I can take the one charger for these devices.

One last thing to remember is that if worst comes to worst, you can buy stuff when you get to your destination. If you’re wondering whether to take that large tub of moisturizer or weatherproof gumboots ‘just in case,’ don’t. You probably won’t need them and if you do, you can buy them.

Want to read more like this? Try 5 Essentials for Stylish, Organized Packing by STG Editor, Diana Southern.

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