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About the Editor

Diana Southern, St. Louis native and adventurer at heart, quit her fancy beachfront job in sunny Santa Monica to travel the world in March 2014. She set out to experience new places and meet new people with her boyfriend and travel companion, Ian Norman. From the Norwegian fjords to the Berlin Wall and Venice canals, she checked many places off her bucket list on that first trip, but the list continued to grow. With a background in marketing and a good deal of perseverance, Diana found success in the travel blogosphere and has happily continued her nomadic existence wherever and whenever the travel bug bites. (And it bites often.)

With a passion for artistic self expression, human connection, and, frankly, anything FUN, Diana started Stylish Travel Girl in October 2014 to create an inspirational community for traveling women with similar passions and ambitions. And she very much likes how it’s going so far!

Want to know more? Get to know Diana by following her travels on her personal travel blog.

About Stylish Travel Girl

Stylish Travel Girl is about YOU. It’s a new online community with the YOU-niquely fashionable female traveler in mind. Here we share our most helpful and creative tips and resources for stylish travel, with space reserved for travel tales from truly inspirational women out exploring our world.

Launched in October 2014, STG is a place for discussion amongst experts and travelers in search of unique fashions and shopping experiences, worthwhile beauty products, packing advice and little known secrets for stylish travel. And it’s a place for connecting with other like-minded female travelers.

Join us here regularly to enjoy new travel tips, strategies, and styles, and start traveling fashionably with us on your next trip. To get the most out of our community, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter — You’ll receive our free printable travel outfit planner just for signing up — and visit us on Facebook for exclusive travel photos and in-the-moment updates from the Editor of STG!

Wishing you safe and stylish travels,

Diana Southern
Editor in Chief

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