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Lucy Hatha Leggings: Worth the Price Tag?

Let me get straight to the point here.

I have never found a legging as flattering as the Lucy Hatha.

Up until three weeks ago, I would have told you I’m not a legging person because I’ve never really found a pair I’ve felt totally confident in. But now? I’m totally sold. I will likely never buy another brand of leggings again, despite the $79 – $89 price tag.

What I Want in a Legging

Just a small wishlist…

  • They can NOT be see-through.
  • compression
  • smoothing effect
  • slimming effect
  • make my legs look good
  • make my bum look good
  • comfortable for extended wear
  • long-lasting
  • moisture-wicking

The thick material and the “black space dye stripe” pattern are key factors in making you look good in these leggings. I tried on a pair of all black Lucys, but I much preferred the space dye for the smoothing visual effect it had on my legs. (The black ones looked great, too, by the way.)


Ready to run in my Lucy Hatha Capri Leggings and Merrell Pace Glove 2 Shoes

Great For All Kinds of Travel Activities

Though marketed for yogis, I haven’t yet worn these while doing any downward facing dogs or sun salutations. But I have tried them for plenty of other activities during my last few weeks of traveling, including:

  • road trippin’
  • rock climbing
  • weekend lounging
  • stand up paddleboarding
  • shopping
  • ocean kayaking
  • coffee shop surfing
  • cool weather running

Ok, so they’ve kind of become my new everyday item of clothing. I pair them with my Merrell Glove shoes and a big warm sweater for general lounging, shopping, or hanging at a local coffee shop, and for the sweat-inducing activities I’ll wear them with an active top.  Things I probably wouldn’t wear them for?

  • hot weather

I was teeny bit warm running in these in 60-something degree weather. According to the reviews on the Lucy website, plenty of women do enjoy wearing these for running. Though the material is breathable, I think these might just be a little too warm for running, especially when the sun is out. But I would probably wear the full length legging for running in cool weather!

The Lucy Hatha legging comes in capri and full lengths, and there are maybe 5 or 6 color options, so you can add some variety to your wardrobe.

Note: At the time I’m writing this, the Lucy website has the full length legging on sale for $45, which obliterates their normal $89 price tag. Check REI, too, for periodic sales and other color options.

My Favorite Thing About These Leggings

I don’t even worry about wearing a top that completely covers my bum when I’m wearing these!

They’re thick enough that they’re definitely not see through, and this magical thing called Lucy powermax keeps everything looking smooth and tight.

My Conclusion

The Lucy Hatha legging, great for slimming and smoothing, is the best legging I’ve found out there, and they’re definitely worth the price tag. Next time you’re out at REI or another Lucy retailer, give em a try.  (P.S. For reference, I’m 5’4, 125 lbs, and the size small fits me perfectly.)

What do you think of the Lucy Hatha leggings?

This article was handcrafted especially for you during my travels in Reno, Nevada.

Lucy Hatha Legging review on


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