Dress Up Your Luggage: Unique luggage tags on stylishtravelgirl.com

Dress Up Your Luggage: 10 Unique & Recognizable Luggage Tags

You’ve arrived at your destination and you’re popping open the overhead compartment or waiting at the luggage carousel. How long does it take you to spot your bag? If you’re lacking immediate bag recognition, then this article is for you.

Nobody wants to suffer from bag separation, and traveling with plain-jane luggage is risky business — a good way to lose track of your bag. Whether you’re bag checking or traveling carry-on, you can be sure you’ll leave with your own bag with a unique, recognizable luggage tag. You’ll also ward off less observant travelers that may accidentally grab your bag.

We searched high and low to bring you 10 of the Internet’s best unique and recognizable bag tags, sure to provide instant bag identification, at even the busiest of airports. Hope you enjoy!

1. Floral Monogram Personalized Luggage Tag

Floral Monogram Personalized luggage tag

Customize this cutesy floral luggage tag with your name and initials. Available on Zazzle.com.

2. Leather Initial Luggage Tag

Pb leather initial luggage tag

Steer clear of the traditional tag shape with these circular initial tags. Buy a set of 2 from Target.com. Also available on Amazon.com.

3. Owl Be Seeing You Luggage Tag

Kate Aspen Owl Be Seeing You luggage tag

“Who” better to keep an eye on your luggage than this cute little owl by Kate Aspen? Available on Amazon.com.

4. Keep Calm Luggage Tags

Keep Calm luggage tags

Options include carry on and travel on, or enter your own custom text. Available on Zazzle.com. (A similar version of the “carry on” tag is also available in a set of 2 for only $8.99 on Amazon.com.)

5. Leather Studded Biz Card Holder Luggage Tag

Yellow leather studded business card holder luggage tag

Slide a business card in this luggage tag for a quick and stylish bag marker. Available at Target.com.

6. Vintage Camera Luggage Tag

Vintage Camera Luggage Tag

This one looks similar to a TLR cam I carry around with me. Get this vintage tag on Zazzle.com.

7. Dress + Shoe Luggage Tags

Dress and shoe luggage tags

This dress and shoe are two varieties of Travel Smart tags available at Target.com.

8. Vintage World Map Luggage Tag

Vintage World Map luggage tag

This colorful tag’s got artsy vintage style. Available on Zazzle.com.

9. IT’S ME! Customizable Luggage Tag

It's Me! Luggage Tag

Make your luggage scream your name with this unique and customizable tag from Zazzle.com.

10. Pink Glitter Sparkle Luggage Tag


If sparkles are your thing, glam up your boring bag with this luggage tag. Available on Zazzle.com.

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This article was handcrafted especially for you during my travels in Reno, Nevada.

Dress Up Your Luggage: Unique luggage tags on stylishtravelgirl.com

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