True and Co Review: Home Try-On for Bras and Intimates

True&Co Review: Why Home Try-On for Bras is More Hassle than it’s Worth

True and Co box contentsFor months, maybe years, I’ve been seeing ads on Facebook for True&Co, an online bra shop touting their expertise in finding you perfect-fitting feminine undergarments — with a simple online quiz.

I was already in test mode, trying other non-traditional shopping services (Warby Parker, for starters). So I checked this one out, too. Free and straightforward, I risked little with my True&Co test run… or it seemed that way when I placed my order.

Is True&Co’s home try-on service really worth your time? Read on to find out what I think.

How It Works: True&Co Home Try-On

Taking the True&Co Fit Quiz

True and Co fit quiz

The fit quiz takes about 5 minutes to complete. Before you start, know the brand and size of your current favorite bra. Be prepared to learn a thing or two about the way your bra should fit. When you’ve finished, you’ll have a personal bra shop where you’ll find only bras that should fit you just right. Pretty sweet.

Selecting Home Try-On for Your True&Co Order

True and Co home try-on order cart

The website defaults to placing an order straight up rather than using their home try-on service. I had to search pretty extensively to find out if they still offered the service.

I found the option eventually back when I placed my order on November 14th, but now I’m not sure they’re offering home try-on anymore.  Though their website still says you can select “Switch to home try-on” at the bottom of your cart — which I remember doing at the time I ordered — I can’t find the link when I look now.

More on how to select home try-on for your order from the True&Co website here.

Making Your True&Co Home Try-On Selections

As I added items to my cart, I learned I could try 5 bras AND 5 other items, too. So I maxed out my limit with leggings, pj shorts, shapewear and other intimates, in addition to the 5 bras I’d selected. Each item in My Personal Shop had a recommended size awaiting me. The process was going smoothly so far…

My Review of True&Co Home Try-On

True and Co home try-on box contents of bras and intimates

My Thoughts on True&Co’s Strict Try-On Process

Everything seemed cool until my box arrived and I was warned about overstepping my home try-on bounds. The notice came via email the day after my package arrived, and it was slightly buried in the message body. It soured my home try-on experience before I’d even opened my box. I needed to get moving; fees were threatening. :-/

True&Co 5-day try-on email

Why was I so annoyed? Well, I received the email AFTER I’d received my order stating that I would be REQUIRED to submit feedback BEFORE I returned my items in order to avoid a $20 fee.  This was reiterated on a postcard inside my box. Basically I was annoyed with the poor timing of this information, the fact that they’re forcing me to give feedback (with a less than perfect feedback system — I’ll get to that later) by threatening me with a newly-announced $20 fee, and that they’re requiring me to complete the feedback part before I send their stuff back. Perhaps it’s written somewhere in fine print during the ordering process, but I certainly didn’t notice it. (And even if it is, I don’t think fine print is an acceptable means for communicating a fee warning.)

I can come up with all kinds of busy life moments where this requirement would be a pretty big annoyance. Not having a chance to open my box until day 3 (my try-on period started the day before Thanksgiving) amplified my irritation. Plus, if you don’t read carefully, it’d be easy to dismiss their notice in the swarm of all the other junk email they send.

Below is a little snapshot of my T&C emails from the day I placed my order (Nov 14) through the day my box was due back (Dec 1). I’m surprised I caught it. Good thing they include the message in the box, too!

True&Co emails

For a broader glimpse at the charges laid out for home try-on period infringements, here it is, direct from True&Co’s home try-on FAQs:

Additional fees may be incurred for exceeding your Home Try-On period:
-If feedback is not submitted and returns are not sent back within your 5 day try-on, we’ll assume you’re keeping everything and charge you for the full box.
-If returns are sent back without submitting feedback you’ll be charged a $20 convenience fee.
-If returns are sent back after your try-on ends you’ll be charged a $20 convenience fee.

True&Co "Rest easy"

Screenshot from True&Co website // I’m not sure I could rest quite as easy as their FAQ section implies.

Maybe I’m being harsh. It’s business. I get it. But if you ask me, True&Co is sending mixed messages to potential customers. And it’s not casting them in a positive light.

What About True&Co’s Products?

THE BRAS — While 4 of the 5 bras fit well, I disliked the material each was made with. They’re pretty and seem well made, but they were all a tad scratchy, and I found the material to be quite uncomfortable for the price. But I’d say their Fit Quiz worked well overall. Only one bra — a racerback style — was a bit too small.

True and Co bras

THE UNDERWEAR — You obviously can’t try on any panties without planning to pay for and keep them. They’re sent in sealed plastic, so you can get a look at them before buying. I’d say this seems like the best way to include panties in this try-before-you-buy service. No complaints here.

True and Co underwear

THE EXTRAS — Though I’d requested a pair of leggings for home try-on, before my order shipped I got an email saying they were no longer available so my home try-on box would be shipping without them. That was fine with me, though I was actually in need of leggings at the time, so they missed out on a chance for a sale there. My favorite item in my whole box was the True&Co Just Enough slip. It’s pretty comfortable, well made, and has removable straps, so when I’m in need of a new slip, there’s a good chance I’ll buy this one. I wish their bras were made of this material! (I also tried a pair of pj shorts that didn’t look good on me, so I sent those back with the rest.)

The True&Co Fit Feedback Process

Inconveniencing myself to avoid the convenience fee, I logged in to the True&Co site to give feedback on my items. It was a frustrating process. As a former survey writer, I was especially annoyed at my inability to accurately express my opinions of each item on the True&Co product feedback page. While I liked how most items fit and looked, I didn’t like the material, but there was no checkbox for that opinion.

True&Co fit feedback

With a response required for each item I was returning, I ended up clicking “Save for Later” despite the fact that I had no interest in purchasing the item ever. I assume my responses had an effect on the selection shown in “My Personal Shop,” so now I don’t really trust that I’ll find things I like there.

I’d say True&Co could benefit from some usability studies on their website.

The Verdict: Don’t waste your time!

True and Co box contents

Why skip it?

  1. It’s definitely not my new go-to bra shop. The products aren’t worth the price.
  2. It’s a hassle. I’d say True&Co’s home try-on service is more stress-inducing than relieving for the busy woman. Especially if you travel often. That kinda stinks, considering their target market likely includes women who have difficulty finding time to go shopping.
  3. Too much email. I’ve received 32 emails from True&Co since signing up. Now that this review is published, I’m unsubscribing.

All that said, my experience with True&Co wasn’t horrible by any means. I wasn’t wrongfully charged and there was no shady business involved or anything, but I still wouldn’t recommend the T&C home try-on service unless you’re (1) positive you’ll be home with a chance to try your items during your try-on period — My box took 11 days to arrive from the day I ordered it. — and (2) organized enough to complete your fit feedback and return your items within your 5-day window. Otherwise you’re risking not just the $20 fee but being charged the full price for your entire box.

An Alternative to True&Co’s Home Try-On Service

If the strict try-on period has you running for the hills or you can’t locate the “Switch to Home Try-On” link, in lieu of the 5-day home try-on, you can order and pay for your items and have 30 days to return them for a full refund. That’s actually the default ordering option on the True&Co site. But to that I’d say whoop-dee-doo. I can order from — purchasing high-quality and popular bra brands like Spanx — and have 365 days to return free of charge.

If you really want to try a unique True&Co style, though, ordering and returning may be a good option for you.

Want to give True&Co a try?

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