Not Your Grandma's Vintage Shop: Juniper & Lane Vintage, a lovely modern take on vintage fashion shopping in LA

Not Your Grandma’s Vintage Shop: Juniper & Lane, a Lovely Modern Take on Vintage Fashion Shopping in LA

With a romantically eclectic vintage appeal and a mind for the environment, this mother-daughter vintage fashion shop is creating its niche in the LA vintage shopping scene. Read on to find out what — after only one year in business — these storeowners are doing right. 

Juniper and Lane Vintage store interior with romper, belts, and sweater on display

After just one visit to Juniper & Lane, I’ve decided: Juniper & Lane Vintage is a must-see for any vintage fashion lover in Los Angeles. Not only do they offer a lovely  mix of vintage apparel from the late 1800s on, they also support local artisans who re-use materials to create uniquely modern repurposed pieces — We’re talkin’ jewelry, clothing, art & furniture!

Juniper & Lane is located on Ventura Blvd on the west side of the San Fernando Valley. Not from LA? No problem. Non-local vintage fans can shop from anywhere on Juniper & Lane’s website or Etsy store; they’ve got quite the selection of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories, and some items are exclusively sold online. Plus, they keep their selection fresh and diverse with a constant eye out for treasures and by cycling their in-store and on-line selections as often as possible.

My First Visit to Juniper & Lane Vintage

I could hear the sweeper on inside when I got out of my car. Street parking was easy; I’d snagged the space directly out front. When I walked inside, the vacuum switched off, and I was greeted by Cynthia (the storeowner) from the counter. The store was quiet at 4PM on a Monday; I had it all to myself. There was so much to take in as soon as I arrived, I almost didn’t know where to begin! Every single item was lovingly displayed throughout the shop. I immediately got the feeling that everything there had its own story and personality. I spotted some truly beautiful dresses, flipping through to get a feel for the selection here, but what I was really shopping for on this trip was jewelry. So that’s where I headed next.

Juniper and Lane Vintage store interior with vintage rings on display

Rings, rings, and more rings. These were part of the pricier selection inside the display case at the counter.

For the boutique size of their store, the jewelry selection is massive. I could have shopped jewelry alone for an hour. I perused the many displays in the store’s middle section and decided to explore the remaining half of the store and return to the jewelry before leaving. I found sweaters, jackets, hats, shoes, handbags, skirts, ornate belts… you name it. And further in the back were vintage housewares — these could be found throughout the store as well — including everything from kitchenware to tea sets, candle holders, and plenty more items I probably didn’t even notice.

Juniper and Lane Vintage dishes

Photo courtesy of Juniper & Lane

I chatted for several minutes with Cynthia, who was very friendly and told me about the shop’s history and their upcoming holiday/anniversary party on December 4. I again found myself drawn to the jewelry, particularly the collection of rings on display at the counter. The ring selection was perhaps my favorite thing, aside from the pretty pink 1950’s romper hanging near the back of the store. But I knew I’d soon get plenty of wear out of the sparkly party ring that was calling my name from the counter… decisions, decisions.

Juniper and Lane Vintage store interior with romper on display

Aforementioned adorable romper for sale at Juniper & Lane

Since my visit, I’ve caught up with Cynthia, Juniper & Lane’s founder, to get the full scoop on this magical little vintage haven. Here’s what I found out:

About Juniper & Lane Vintage

Following Dreams & Keeping it Green

Rewinding one year back, Juniper & Lane founder and now former science teacher Cynthia had a dream of owning her own shop. With a “love of all things vintage” since childhood, she took a risk and opened Juniper & Lane Vintage with her daughter Christina just one short year ago this month. What does she like best about running J&L? Cynthia says it’s both “the opportunity it provides for me to be surrounded by beautiful things that have history” and “working closely with my daughter, Christina,” her business partner.

Christina and Cynthia, the mother-daughter duo, in front of their vintage store

Christina and Cynthia, the mother-daughter duo, in front of their vintage store / Photo courtesy of Juniper & Lane

While the re-cycling nature of the vintage business makes it earth-friendly fresh out of the box, the mother and daughter pair also realize the importance of green business practices. According to Cynthia, she has Christina to thank for ensuring that their packaging, tags, and labels are all made from 100% recycled materials; even their cleaning supplies and furniture polish keep J&L environmentally friendly.

Juniper and Lane Vintage blouse price tag

All tags in the store are handwritten and made from 100% recycled materials.

“I think the timing is right for all of us to develop an appreciation for recycled and re-purposed clothing, furniture and jewelry,” says Cynthia, the mother half of the J&L team.

I couldn’t agree more.

Juniper and Lane Vintage store interior

A Refreshingly Personal Shopping Experience

LA vintage shopping has many different faces. Some shops offer good bargain bins or have one or two fantastic finds only to be discovered by the relentless digger, but rarely do storeowners take as much care in the selection and display of their merch as what I’ve seen at Juniper & Lane. I visited two other nearby “vintage” shops on the same day, and J&L was the only one with the storeowner present. In my opinion, nothing says you care about your business like taking an active role in running it.

Juniper and Lane Vintage store interior with hats, boots and skirts on display

A Well-Curated Vintage Selection

Though travel is sometimes involved in the treasure hunting to source items for their eclectic collection, Cynthia says private collectors have become a notable source for the store’s vintage clothing and jewelry. She also scours small, out-of-the-way shops for the best treasures to bring back to share with her customers.

It takes two to achieve the store’s diverse selection. Cynthia credits her daughter, Christina, for the store’s broadened appeal to younger shoppers, and their individual fashion preferences complement each other to satisfy a variety of vintage seekers’ tastes.

In terms of jewelry, I like sparkles and romantic pieces whereas Christina prefers cleaner, bolder pieces in sterling, brass, and copper …. we end up with an interesting mix, something for almost everyone!

Juniper and Lane ring selection

As J&L’s social media voice, Cynthia’s daughter Christina reaches out to social shoppers of all ages, posting J&L’s latest on new items and store happenings. I personally enjoy following J&L on Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re seeking more than vintage fashion and accessories, Juniper & Lane also sells a variety of antique furniture and other vintage household items. Almost everything in the store has a price tag on it. There really is something for everyone. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the Juniper & Lane website early next year, when they plan to start offering decorative items, art and small furnishings to their online shoppers.

Juniper and Lane Vintage store interior

Givenchy, Gucci, Louis Vuitton…

These are some of Cynthia’s favorite brands for old designer items. She’s also a fan of embroidered handbags, hard-side handbags, and she “adore[s] clothing from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s which tend to have a very distinctive style and high quality workmanship.”

I have to say, Cynthia and Christina do a great job selecting handbags and jewelry for Juniper & Lane. From browsing their website the past week, I’ve had a few pieces in particular catch my eye:

1960'S CIRCLE BAG IN BLACK LEATHER from Juniper and Lane


1920s signed sterling and 10k gold from Juniper & Lane


1950'S SWING WINGTIP NAVY BLUE SUEDE 9 from Juniper & Lane








I know what you’re thinking, and yes, those ARE blue suede shoes. (Quite unfortunately the shoes aren’t my size).

Needless to say, my first visit to Juniper & Lane was a successful one, and I shall return. Traffic actually wasn’t terrible — a miracle in LA at rush hour — and now I’ve got a lovely bit of vintage sparkle to complement my at-home manicure.

One More Thing…

Juniper and Lane Vintage store interior with vintage sweaters on displayIf you’re in the area tomorrow (Thursday, December 4th), you can join Cynthia and Christina in celebrating the holidays and Juniper & Lane’s one year anniversary from 3-9PM at the Holiday Boutique and Trunk Show at Juniper & Lane. There they’ll have holiday cocktails and treats, gift ideas and stocking stuffers, greeting cards, and a gift card raffle. They’ll also be hosting the Italian Fragrance Company i Profumi di Firenze — offering all natural botanicals in their line inspired by 16th century scents from the Renaissance — plus a local artisan who restores vintage frames. You’ll also have the opportunity to shop local artisans’ rings, earrings and necklaces that have been repurposed from vintage pieces. View J&L’s invitation here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this vintage shopping gem. Have you discovered any great local fashion boutiques during your travels? Vintage, handmade, or truly unique, please share with us so we can check them out!

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