The Mele and Co Travel Jewelry Box: A Stylish Travel Necessity

The Mele & Co Travel Jewelry Box: A Stylish Travel Necessity

In search of ideas for last year’s Christmas list, I spent hours perusing Etsy and Zappos. There was plenty of “aw, cute” and “this could come in handy,” but then I spotted something useful! 

As an experienced traveler, I’m nearly an expert when it comes to packing. However, if there was one thing that needed better organization in my life, it was my jewelry. I’d call myself a minimalist when it comes to jewelry; I really don’t have much, so keeping it organized should have been easy. But with nothing other than ziplock bags to house my jewelry, I perpetually left it in storage when traveling.

With the perfect compact jewelry case now calling my name, I was determined to never venture out without my jewelry again.

The Mele & Co Square Travel Jewelry Box

At $25 on Zappos, the price seemed a little steep, but it had everything I wanted in a travel jewelry container:

  • wrap-around zipper closure
  • mirror
  • a variety of sections to hold all types of jewelry
  • plenty of space for earrings (my favorite type of jewelry)
  • good reviews
  • the option to return it

Whenever I minimize I also try to optimize, so I decided it was well worth the price; it was perfect. I could store my jewelry in it all the time, and it’d be ready to pop in my carry-on when it was time to move again.

Ian got the Mele & Co jewelry box for me for Christmas, and I must say I was surprised with the quality when I unwrapped it. It’s still got some cardboard parts, like any other sectioned jewelry container, and it’s not made of real leather, but the overall quality is better than I expected.

I’m a bit #obsessed with my new travel jewelry case by Mele&Co. What are your stylish travel must-haves?

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It’s a Stylish Travel Necessity!

I organized my jewelry in it the day I got it, and since then it’s been a joy to put on and take off my jewelry each day. I’m so much more organized with my new jewelry case! Needless to say, I’m a satisfied customer.

If you’re in need of a better way to organize a small amount of jewelry, check this thing out.

 P.S. I later found this Mele & Co jewelry box for a lower price on Amazon, but you may still prefer the return policy of Zappos. What are your thoughts on traveling with this compact jewelry box?

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