Get fit in style! L.A.'s Most Stylish Fitness Activities for Women

[Get Fit in Style] L.A.’s Most Stylish Fitness Activities for Women

I moved to the westside of L.A. when I started college. Endless sunshine, artistic culture, ocean air… it didn’t take much to keep me here, but it did take some getting used to.

For starters, spend five minutes along the California coast and you’ll quickly discover that Los Angeles is filled with beautiful people. And they’re not just beautiful, they’re ACTIVE. Surfers rise at the crack of dawn to start their day in the chilly Pacific, every beach volleyball court on the coast is claimed early on a warm weekend day, and the infamous Marvin Braude Bike Trail has its own version of rush-hour traffic.

In short, L.A. is a great place to get inspired to be healthy! You can get outside and be active without even feeling like you’re working out — all while breathing the smog-free ocean air.

Stylish Travel Fitness in Los Angeles

So, stylish travel girl, what does this mean for you?  If L.A.’s on your travel agenda, you MUST get a taste of the action. Here’s a to-do list of exceedingly unique and fun ways to stay fit in style on your trip to L.A., all within blocks of the beach! 

It’s stylish travel fitness at its finest.

1. YOGAqua, “where the ocean is your yoga mat”

Location: Mothers Beach cove, Marina Del Rey

YOGAqua - yoga on a stand up paddleboard in Marina del Rey

Photo courtesy of YOGAqua

It’s yoga… on a paddleboard! This is hands down one of my favorite fitness activities I’ve tried ANYWHERE. You’re more likely to fall in for this one — especially if you attempt the headstand as class nears the end — but I guarantee it’s a challenge unlike any you’ve tried before. If you’re new to yoga, SUP, or both, don’t sweat it. Beginners are welcome. Classes are offered on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Want some epic inspiration to try this out? Just take a look at YOGAqua’s pic gallery. Seriously, WOW.

2. Synchronized Swimming with the Aqualillies

Location: Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica

Aqualillies synchronized swimming

Photo courtesy of the Aqualillies / photo by Shannon Cottrell

Nothing screams L.A. like the Old Hollywood glamour and Southern California style of the Aqualillies. Water ballet, synchronized swimming, whatever you call it, it’s FABULOUS. Classes are offered at the Annenberg Community Beach House (my pre-entrepreneurial place of work) in summertime, with class dates and times announced in spring. This one’s right on Santa Monica State Beach… in a heated pool… around sunset time. You couldn’t dream of a more perfect setting. Beginners are welcome, but you should be able to swim!

Want more WOW? You absolutely MUST watch the Aqualillies’ video on their about page.

3. Stand Up Paddleboarding in the Marina Moonlight

Location: Launch from Mother’s Beach, Marina del Rey

stand up paddleboarding in Marina del Rey with Pro SUP Shop

Photo courtesy of Pro SUP Shop / pictured: Erika Christensen

In the calm waters of the marina, you can enjoy this activity year-round, day or night. (If you ask me, it’s best at night!) Head out with the Pro SUP Shop crew any Wednesday or Friday night. This used to be a regular Wednesday evening activity for me, before my traveling life ensued, and I miss it a lot! You’ll see both beginner and experienced paddlers almost every night (and you may just see a celebrity — that’s Erika Christensen from NBC’s Parenthood in the above photo!)

In case you’re wondering, in all my history paddling in the marina, I’ve only known of one person who fell in. So you can relax; it’s not the norm. Even for beginners. More info on the sunset/moonlit paddle cruise here.

4. Flying Trapeze on the Santa Monica Pier

Location: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica

TSNY's trapeze school at the Santa Monica Pier

Photo courtesy of TSNY / pictured: Lisa Berliner and Charles Ryan Barber

Don’t fancy water fitness? This one will keep you dry but still offers a fantastic ocean view.  You’ll fly high over the iconic Santa Monica Pier in Trapeze School New York’s Flying Trapeze class. While I haven’t tried this class myself, it comes highly recommended by my travel-loving daredevil friend Cindy. I’ll be trying this out on my next trip to L.A.! Get a glimpse of the action in this FOX News feature.

P.S. They’ve been known to offer a Groupon to save you money on their first-time registration fee!

On a Budget?

For the traveler who’s vacation budget is fully spent, here’s one more workout unique to the beach side of L.A. You can enjoy this one at no cost whatsoever.

Santa Monica Stairs

Location: Between Ocean Ave. and Adelaide Dr., Santa Monica

Santa Monica Stairs between Adelaide and  Ocean Ave

The famous ‘Santa Monica Stairs’

If you’re looking for a quick (and free) workout in LA, I know one exercise that can kick your butt in no time flat: trekking up and down the infamous Santa Monica Stairs. This public staircase is tucked away between Ocean Avenue and Adelaide Drive, and it’s quite the stylish fitness attraction; ladies throw on their LuLuLemons to tackle these ups and downs. It’s an in and out workout just blocks from the salty Pacific shore — a great pre-beach day activity. (P.S. There are several great staircases in Santa Monica to feel the burn on. Choose the one that works best with your itinerary.)

So stylish travel girls, what do you think? Which fitness activity would you try out on a trip to La La Land? Let us know in the comments below!


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